Friday, February 20, 2009

After A VERY LONG Hiatus...

I apologized for the very, very long break. Apart from the non-stop cake baking, I was pretty much preoccupied with Zareef, who has just entered Year 1. I am now, a bonafide soccer mom.

However, here are some of the cakes that I've made throughout my absence. There were more but due to my forgetful helter skelter brain, some were not snapped. Some were just plain cakes which I deemed not worthy of your view and some were just, simply put, ugly.


Zareef's 6th birthday cake. It was a 2 kg American Chocolate which I brought it to his kinder during break time.

A 2 kg heart-shape butter cake with strawberry filling covered with fondant and maroon sugarpaste flowers.

A 2kg American Chocolate filled with dark chocolate ganache and covered with vanilla buttercream ordered by Matun for her son Aiman. Cartoon characters are from Digimon.

What every little girl dreams of having for their birthday cake but is my nightmare. A 3 kg chocolate moist cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and covered in fondant ordered by Merry for her niece.

A 2kg American Chocolate to congratulate the future groom ordered by his sister, Anom.

Chocolate moist cupcakes with a thank you note ordered by Marisa.

A 1 kg 8" decorated American Chocolate Cake, RM 40.

A last minute cake that I decorated for my nephew, Iwan. He's into trains and liked my cake that I decorated which resembled the Island of Sodor hence I came up with this.

A 2 kg 9" marble cheese cake with oreo crust, RM 80.

A 2 kg 8" butter cake with strawberry filling engagement cake for Rafizah. I enjoyed decorating this cake a lot! It was such joy!!

The mother of all cakes! Weighing in at 11 kg, this butter cake with strawberry filling and covered with fondant took me 3 whole days to do it. I didn't sleep for 24 hours on the last day as I was too preoccupied with decorating the cake, following it to a T from the printed version given. It didn't help either that the dark navy blue color was pretty hard to copy. I rolled and rolled with my elbow grease for several hours before I could get the right color. Now I know why professional bakers charge a steep price for fondant cakes. They aren't easy to decorate baby!

2 kg decorated American Fudge brownie.

4 kg American Chocolate Cake castle cake covered with buttercream. Aurora and Belle comes with the cake :)

1.5 kg butter cake with strawberry filling disguised as a Manchester United playing field (I hope :)) ordered by my favorite customer, Farah for her hubby's birthday. It was a surprise hehehe...

A 3.5 kg no. 1 butter cake with strawberry filling covered with colorful fondant deco. I purposedly chose a lively color that is attractive to a one year old child.

Vanilla cupcakes that accompanied the no. 1 fondant cake.

2 kg butter cake decorated with no. 1 using buttercream ordered by my favorite customer for her son Ibrahim.

1 kg 8" American Chocolate Cake with deco, RM 40.

Thomas The Tank Engine birthday cake for my nephew's seventh birthday. He's a BIG fan or Thomas and forbade anyone to cut Thomas' face. So, my sister-in-law had to serve only the edges to guests.

A standard 1 kg 8" carrot cake with cream cheese topping with minimal deco, RM 45.