Monday, April 23, 2007

Winnie the Pooh

This Winnie the Pooh cake was for my neighbor's daughter's 1st birthday. She asked for a chocolate cake. So I opted for an American Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache frosting.

For this cake, I used two 8" cakes (for height purposes) and layered, iced and decorated them with chocolate ganache. I then topped the cake with non-dairy whipping cream and drew Pooh's picture with chocolate buttercream. Later, I filled in the picture with colored piping jelly.

Sounds easy eh?! NOT!!! I started at 10 am and only managed to finish it close to 2 pm. Can you believe that there was a power cut in between! That almost got me into a panic attack! Luckily I've just finished beating my whipped cream and I had baked the cake the night before. Kalau tak... pengsan!!!

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Given that this was my first cartoon character cake and it took me long painstaking hours to complete it, I am very happy with my work. Zareef went green with envy when I told him that the cake was for his schoolmate's sister and not his. He went into pouting mode but not for long when I told him that I'll make another cake with his favorite Ben 10 on it.

Now, looking at the pictures, I'm proud of my work. Yes, it was tiring and irritatingly tricky, but, I enjoyed every second of doing it.

To order this cake with any cartoon characters on it, it will be RM 35 per kg (this cake was 2 kg). And please, an early notice would be very much appreciated!

Brownie Birthday

A birthday surprise from my uni mate, Ayu to beloved husband Zaidi. She ordered a large brownies so that her hubby could share it with his officemates. She wanted to surprise her husband really bad, so she went for the Surprise Birthday Delivery complete with helium balloons.
For the cake, I iced and decorated it with chocolate ganache. I wrote the endearing message on the cake with white chocolate. Since it was for a guy, I went for a modern minimalist look.

A delicious cake only requires a simple yet tasty deco. Less is more, as they say. Ayu, hopefully you didn't get a chocolate overdose from eating the cake.

The lucky husband on his birthday. Surprise!!!

American Chocolate Cake

Very rich. Very chocolatey. Very sinful BUT without the cloying sweetness, that I can guarantee because I for one am not a fan of annoyingly sweet desserts.

Seen here in the picture, is the American Chocolate Cake that I'm talking about. Layered and frosted with chocolate ganache, it has a melt-in-the-mouth taste that I've been searching for so long and now I've found it. So, don't wait any longer people. Order one for yourself, friends, relatives or officemates. Spread the chocolatey love!

Price: 8" round, 1 kg is RM 25
11" square, 2 kg is RM 45

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Special Delivery

Last week, I had a call from Sal, enquiring about a special request. It resulted in one large carrot cake but here's the special request part; to include several helium-filled balloons to go with the cake and delivered to hubby, Roslee at his workplace and... to keep it as a surprise. How about that?!

Okay, considering that I got the order in less than a-24-hours notice, my only worry at that time was where in the world can I get helium-filled balloons and it has to be surprise worthy to boot! A quick search on Google and I found a shop in PJ that stocks up on balloons from all the corners of the earth.

I quickly called B and urged him to get home early that evening to take care of the kids while I went for a balloon hunt. We all ended up going to the shop (sebab Zareef nak ikut tengok balloon shop). It's no joke man hunting for that shop during the peak hours of the evening jam. But, we made it.

The large carrot cake for Roslee.

It was adorned with simple decorations. Suitable for a guy to have it with his officemates.

Zareef simply loved the balloons. He has expressed that he wants 100 hundred of these balloons on his birthday this October.

Sal specifically asked for balloons that would draw attention to her guy since he is really shy and all. I hope that these balloons worked in doing so!

The birthday boy with his surprised cake and balloons but he remained cool and collected. If it were me, I would be jumping about like monyet kena cili.. hehhehe... He was very much surprised, I can say that much but still sporting enough to pose one for the camera.

When he walked in, I could hear the receptionist at the counter saying... "Wah... banyaknya balloons!! Birthday ke??" Yupp... the plan to draw attention to this shy guy worked! Yeay!!

So... happy birthday Roslee! I hope you had a great time with your lovely wife and here's to many more wonderful birthdays in years to come!

ps: Sal... next year nak buat surprise apa pulak?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin

Okay, this has passed my QC's strict inspection and taste after 4 trials. (I went completely bananas over them after the first try so I had to try and try again). Simply delicious! Very moist and especially yummy when it's hot from the oven. Practically drenched with chocolate chips which I'm particularly fond of and they really go well with the bananas. Seriously.

Good for meetings or morning breaks and tea. In fact, it's good at any time of the day. So, why not give it a try. It's quite large hence, sharing is highly recommended (spread the love people!) unless you're me, who can whallop one at go.

Price: It's RM 2 per muffin. Order 5 and I'll sell it for RM 9. Yes, I do encourage volume. Seriously.