Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Birthday Surprise

Good friends are hard to come by. That is why when Hathyia from BSKL called to order a Special Surprise Delivery for her friend, Arneza, I was totally gamed.

The cake, none other than the American Chocolate Cake frosted with dark chocolate ganache. Sweet and simple decoration does it for this lady.

The cake came with a 'Happy Birthday' helium balloon.

The lucky Arneza all smiles sportingly posing for my camera.

Thank you Hathyia for your order. Again, it's a small world because it turned out that she's my junior from SSP. So, next time boleh la order lagi ye.


This is a special project done for Mdm Marinadelrey for her daughter, Aqila, who turned 1 on 19th June. I was so shocked to get a phone call from the famous madame herself! To make a long story short, she has been reading my blog since my days in Loughborough and I have been reading hers since then too and now we've crossed paths. Very small world indeed!

She wanted a cartoon character for her daughter's cake but wasn't too sure on which character to choose from. At last she decided on Lion-O, Aqila's favorite stuffed toy so that she'll have something familiar to cut into.

Emails exchanged and this is what I came up with from the picture that she emailed me.

Sama tak?

The lucky sweet little girl got a second birthday cake to cut the week after albeit on a very, very short notice.

Thank you very much Marinadelrey for ordering (she gave me very strict instructions to keep her true identity a secret). I really enjoyed the special project. Do come back for more ya!

From Germany With Love

A week before Father's Day, I received a long distance order from a friend of mine who's studying in Germany. Wan wanted to surprise her father, hence opted for the Special Surprise Delivery.

Since fatherly love was in the air, I covered the American Chocolate Cake with dark chocolate hearts drizzled with white chocolate. Beautiful as decoration and delicious to eat as well.

I'm still not good at making flowers from icing so it's better to play safe than sorry. I dotted the cake with dainty flowers made from colored chocolate chips.

The cake came with a helium balloon too. The store where I usually buy my balloons ran out of 'Happy Father's Day' so I substituted with the next best thing, 'We Love You'.

Thank you so much Wan for ordering. It was truly a great show of love stretched across continents. I really hope that your father enjoyed the surprise.

Monday, June 11, 2007

One for the Newlyweds

My ex-colleague and good friend, Puja, ordered this to bring to a wedding in JB. Her instructions were to make it simple and sweet since it was on a short notice's order. Right, simple is my name and sweet is my game. I'm on!

I baked a 2kg American Chocolate Cake layered and iced with with dark chocolate ganache. The cake was dotted with vanilla buttercream and topped with strawberry flavored chocolate chip.

Thank you Puja for the order. I hope the cake survived the long-distance trip and you managed to get a bit of it.


This is my toughest challenge to date. Puan Leha wanted an American Chocolate Cake with a BIG spiderman picture on it. Drawing spidey was easy but doing the webs on his costume, jadik berpinar bijik mata and my right hand almost went cramp. But, I seriously enjoyed doing this cake especially the drawing part.

This 2 kg American Chocolate Cake was layered and iced with dark chocolate ganache. Then, I covered it with vanilla buttercream and drew and colored spidey's picture on it with vanilla buttercream as well. The cobweb on the bottom left-handside corner didn't turn out too well. It's actually a picture of a web with a spider on it. Must remember to draw a bigger one next time.

Thank you Puan Leha for throwing me this challenge. I sincerely hope your son loves the spiderman on his cake while the rest of your guests enjoyed eating the cake. Do come back for more!

Flirting with Flowers

A birthday cake for Kak Nor which she kindly ordered to share it with her colleagues. I thought some flowers would suit the occasion. Since I am still sharpening my skills in creating flowers from buttercream icing and didn't want to jinx the cake, I decided to play it safe and just use colored chocolate chips.

Seen here is a 2kg carrot cake frosted with cream cheese topping. I then piped chocolate cornellis on the top as a border and piped green vines using vanilla buttercream. The colored chocolate chips were later added in the shape of small dainty flowers.

Thank you Kak Nor for your kind order. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and may Allah bless you for your kindness and support towards my cake business.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sunshine and Rainbow

I am proud to say, this is an original design specially done for my best bud, Along, for her sweet daughter's birthday. "Alah... kau lukis je gambar rainbow ke hapa ke. Anak aku tak memilih sangat". And so, I did.

Beneath the smiling sun, colorful rainbow and puffy clouds lies a blueberry cheesecake with oreo crust base.

I really had fun decorating this cake. Maybe it was the vibrant colors of the rainbow and the smiling sun that did it to me.

Thank you Along for your kind order. I really hope Dania likes her rainbow and eats it with gusto. Nanti birthday Dina order lagi ye...

This 1 kg birthday Blueberry Cheesecake featured here is priced at RM 50