Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chocolate Cornelli

My favorite and loyal customer, Dr. Nor or fondly called Kak Nor ordered a small American Chocolate and carrot cake for her children to feast during this two-week long school holiday. Cool mom, eh!

Since this was the 4th chocolate cake in a week, I was totally at lost on what to decorate the cake. A quick look at my cake bible and voila! I came up with lots of squiggly lines also known as cornelli made from chocolate buttercream.

I added a few rosettes at strategic points and dotted them with blue and white chocolate chips.

I was in the mood of 'cornelling' and so moved on to decorate the carrot cake as well. From above, it looks liked a woven mat.

Thank you so much Kak Nor for your generous orders. Keep them coming ya!

The 1 kg American Chocolate Cake is RM 25. The 1 kg Carrot Cake is RM 35

Chocolate Heart

A birthday cake for Aje's sister. I went for a sweet and simple deco as Aje was telling me that her sister is celebrating a double celebration, birthday and new baby on the way. Double joy!!

A small American Chocolate Cake layered and iced with dark chocolate ganache. Then, I dotted the top of the cake with pink chocolate chips in the shape of a heart. I wanted it to look pretty and sweet.

Not wanting to leave the edges bare, I decorated it with dots and stars made from chocolate buttercream.

Thank you so much Aje for ordering the two cakes. Here's wishing your sister a very happy birthday and hope she enjoyed the cake. (If you're wondering, the carrot cake is for Aje ONLY hehehhe...).

The 1.5 kg American Chocolate Cake which is fully decorated for a birthday is RM 35/kg.
My simple-no-frills 1 kg carrot cake is RM 35.

Thomas The Tank Engine

My ex-colleague, Anom, ordered an American Chocolate Cake with a request for a Thomas picture on it for her son, Adam, a big Thomas fan. This is what I came up...

A small American Chocolate Cake layered and iced with dark chocolate ganache and topped with non-dairy whipping cream. The picture was done with colored buttercream and piping jelly.

Zareef was the critical judge, judging my work. His exact words were "Mummy, kenapa comot sangat Thomas nih?!!" Yes Zareef, it was Mummy's mistake and I'm so regretting it. Then came the heart-breaking judgement, "Tak lawa la Mummy". Aiyoohhh... nak nangis rasanya.

I am so sorry Anom for the smudginess and inaccurateness in Thomas. The black color ran havoc on the white whipping cream. Totally my bad! Now I know better. Anyway, thank you for your kind encouraging words. Hopefully Adam likes the cake (I'm praying real hard here. Susah nak satisfy kehendak budak2 especially if they are big fans of Thomas).

This 1 kg American Chocolate Cake decorated with cartoon character is RM 35/kg.

Chocolate Overdose

My good friend Azrina from SSP ordered two 2kg American Chocolate Cake and several muffins to go with them for an office do. At the end of it all, she sms'ed me and said that she had OD'ed on my delicious chocolate cake. Good thing? Bad thing? Hopefully all was lip-smacking good.

The first American Chocolate which I layered and iced with dark chocolate ganache then dotted with white chocolate chips.

The second cake was done with my signature deco. No frills here.

Thank you very much Rin for your generous order. Do try my other cakes next time ya! It's so good to be able to meet old lost friends over an order of cakes, don't you think?!

The 2 kg American Chocolate Cake is RM 45.
Banana and Chocolate Chips Muffin is RM 9 per 5 muffins. Minimum order is 10 pieces.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blueberry Birthday

A cheesecake with blueberry topping ordered by Maarof for his nephew's birthday. This is one hefty cake! He also ordered a small carrot cake to go with the cheesecake but I kind of forgot to take a picture of it.

Since the cheesecake was for a birthday, I decorated it with non-dairy whipped cream. It's light and almost sugarless. A perfect topping for a cheesecake as it doesn't interfere with the creamy goodness of the cheesecake.

As I was decorating this, my son went ooohhh and aahhhh. Then he said, "Kalau mummy bubuh the red hearts tu lagi cantik". I decided, why not. It certainly adds color to the cake.

Thank you so much Maarof your kind order. I really hope that your sis-in-law is satisfied with the cakes and your nephew didn't get an overdose of all the cheesy goodness coming from both cakes.

The fully-decorated birthday blueberry cheesecake featured here is priced at RM 50/kg.

A Special Request

This special request came from Zied, my roomy from PPP. She wanted a small carrot cake for her dad's birthday. However, she asked that the cake be decorated to look like a chocolate cake. The reason; the adults in her family are sick and tired of eating chocolate cakes but the kids totally LOOOOVEEEE it.

It took me several days to come up with ideas on how to disguise a carrot cake to look like a chocolate cake without compromising on the taste. After ruling out two, I came up with this...

The cake had a dual purpose. It's a Birthday cake for her dad and a Mother's Day cake for her mom hence the message "Happy B'day Walid, Happy Mother's Day Ummi"

The carrot cake is frosted with luscious cream cheese, topped with rich dark chocolate ganache and sweet white chocolate hearts and finally, wrapped with shards of dark chocolate.

My first chocolate hearts. It does add a certain amount of sweet-looking appearance to the cake. I like...

I purposely made the chocolate shards to be uneven in shape and sizes just to give it a more abstract feel. They help to disguise the carrot cake to look like a chocolate one plus the kids can just pluck it away and munch on them since they are just plain old dark chocolate.

Thank you so much Zied for letting me be a part of your family's celebration. I'm so glad that your father, the birthday boy liked my cake and actually ate it.

The carrot cake featured here is priced at RM 45/kg as it is fully decorated for a birthday. I do cater for special requests and try my best to fulfill it. So, please email or call me to discuss ya.

Sweet Combination

My best friend Yatie wanted to bring something for her friend's BBQ but didn't have the time nor oven to make one. She asked for a small American Chocolate Cake which she intended to bring to the BBQ party and wanted to try my Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins. So, here they are...

Yatie specifically asked me to decorate the cake like the one I did previously. Dah kena perintah, kena la ikut kan. Customers are always right, right??!!

This American Chocolate Cake is totally frosted with sinfully rich dark chocolate ganache.

The Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins that went with the cake. Very sweet combination, I must say.

The 1 kg American Chocolate Cake is RM 25 without any birthday decorations. Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins are RM 9 for 5 pieces. Minimum order for muffins would be 10.

Surprise For the Wifey

Masrul called me up and asked me to surprise his wife on her birthday. Yayy! I'm always game for a birthday surprise. Prior to meeting him, I knew him as a friend of Roslee's. But when I met him, surprisingly he turned out to be Mike, a junior from my A-Level days in Sunway. Both B and I ended up chatting with him for a good 20 minutes outside his house while the two kids were safely ensconced in the car dozing away.

I really hope Amanda likes the balloons that I chose for her on behalf of Mike.

Birthday girl with her family, balloons and cakes. What a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday!

The carrot cake with cream cheese topping topped with whole walnuts.

Thank you Masrul a.k.a Mike for letting me be the surprise part of your lovely wife's birthday celebration. To Amanda, Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true. I'm pretty sure you had a lovely and wonderful birthday judging from the pictures that your husband has kindly emailed me. May Allah bless you always!

This small carrot cake is priced at RM 35 without any birthday decorations. The balloons are individually priced. There is a RM 20 service charge for the Special Surprise Delivery which comprises of a cake, helium balloons and surprise delivery to the intended person. Please email or call me for details.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mad About Muffins

Neeza from Axonglobal called me and wanted to order 30 of these. At first I heard 13 but she said three-ohh. Ohhh... 30. Panic set in as this was my first huge batch of muffins ordered by someone passing by. Okay... breathe....

After slaving myself in the kitchen with the help of my ever faithful Kitchenaid and oven, below is the result.

I delivered the muffins to her office at Enterprise 4, TPM. I really hope the muffins went down well with everyone. Thank you very much Neeza for your order. Please keep them coming!

The Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin is RM 2/muffin, but RM 9 for 5. Minimum order is 10

To Amir, Happy Birthday!

My ex-roomie from Sunway College, Zai ordered this 2kg carrot cake especially for her husband's birthday.

Since her husband has sworn off caffeine for health sake, Zai prohibited me from putting any chocolate or coffee into or on the cake. And so, I obliged. Don't worry, the decorations are all cream cheese with brown food coloring.

Zai wanted something simple for her husband and this was what I came up with. I hope it was simple enough to suit her taste. Thank you Zai for the order and I truly hope that your husband liked the surprise and your family enjoyed eating the cake.

A simple decorated 2 kg carrot cake above is priced at RM 65.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Labor Day Cakes

I got very busy during the long weekend. Another one of my loyal customers, Dr. Nor Kamariah or fondly called Kak Nor ordered an American Chocolate Cake and a Carrot Cake. I had time in my hands and I was itching to try the new Wilton tips that I bought from ICCA. I came up with these...

Swirls and twirls on the American Chocolate. Topped with chocolate ganache and dotted with cream cheese. A simple one but I was quite impressed with the outcome (Wilton tips are cool!).

From the side.

Since I was going for simplicity, I made peaks out of the cream cheese frosting on the carrot cake. Very easy and pleasing to the eye at the same time.

This large carrot cake was for En. Najman of SigTech. He ordered one for a makan-makan do at his place.

To all my customers, thank you for your continuous support and orders. Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Farewell to a Lady

One of my loyal customers, Dr. Khazani, ordered a large carrot cake for a farewell do at his office. He wanted something grand and lovely, and so I came up with this, a classic decoration which to me suits the lady that they are celebrating.

Iced with cream cheese frosting and topped with whole walnuts and chocolate ganache. Tweaked a little bit here and there.

Added silver pearl sugars on the side just to jazz it up and make it look grander.

Thank you very much Dr. Khazani for having faith in me. Keep the orders coming...