Friday, October 5, 2007

Spongebob Squarepants

Huhu... Spongebob. A favorite of many, many kids and adults I know EXCEPT for mine. Yuppp... Zareef detests him. When I asked him why, he replied "I don't like him because I don't watch him on TV". Okayyy?? Valid ke reason tuh?? Confuse kejap.

Anyway, this was for Dina, Along's daughter who turned 3 yesterday. Underneath the sea, lied an American Chocolate Cake covered with dark chocolate ganache.

Despite being ill, Zareef helped me in decorating this cake (under my strict supervision though. Kalau bagi free reign, banyak la benda-benda yang nak di drizzle nya). He put on carefully the sugar flowers and him being the bossy guy, instructed me to "put gray spots instead of black" on Spongebob's face, "add the blue sea" because he lives under the sea, "make the seaweeds longer" so that the fishes can hide in there and so on. Fuhhh... letih Mommy macam ni. It's hard to stay angry when all he wants to do is help me albeit authoratively.