Friday, July 4, 2008

A Break From Cakes - Swatches For Sale

Dear All,

In my bid to clear up things that I'm currently hoarding, I'm selling off my Swatches (yes, I'm guilty of having a Swatch fetish). Please feel free to browse through the Swatches. I guarantee you, that all of them are 100% brand new in their respective boxes as shown below.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the Swatches, do email me at or call me (if you have my number). Did I say that shipping is FREE?? Yes, shipping is FREE ya'all!!

First come first serve ya all! So, happy purchasing!!

The Swatches.

Swatch 05 - Scuba. Water resistant 200m. RM 130

Swatch 07 - Scuba. Water resistant 200m. RM 130

Swatch 08 - Scuba. Water resistant 200m. RM 130

Swatch 09 - Scuba. Water resistant 200m. RM 130

Swatch 12 - RM 100

Swatch 14 - RM 100

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Cupcake decorating is simply not my forte. I am truly envious of those who can squirt their way through and make perfect rosettes and roses. My rosettes resemble more of a blob and my roses, oh well, lets just say, needs lots of practicing.

These cupcakes are for a sweet girls birthday ordered by her Aunt Azah. Despite her having her exam right now, I hope she likes them and celebrated her birthday with a bash.

A Princess Castle

Right... I was dead wrong in thinking that the Barbie Doll cake that I did previously was challenging. Please let me correct myself. If Barbie was tough, this Princess Castle was even tougher!

Under all those pastel-colored buttercream lies six, yes SIX chocolate moist cakes that make up the castle and its four towers. I had to insert straws into the cakes in fear of them toppling over. Thank God the castle stayed intact until its cake cutting ceremony. This castle is the champion when it comes to weight. It weighed in at a hefty 4.5 kg.

The towers were topped with ice cream cones which I covered with buttercream and then sprinkled with pink-colored sugar. The front door is made of Meiji Chocolates which I still have in stock from my trip to Tokyo.

How long did it take for me to do this castle from scratch to finish?? TWO whole days!! Yes, that long. I did my research from cake magazines, cake books, googled my way into various cake websites for a week. The price?? Please email or call me for a design consult and I'll quote you a price based on the design, the cake itself and the man hours required to do this cake.

By the way, this cake was for Dania, my good friend, Along's daughter. She had a princess themed party complete with tiaras to match heheh.

Despite the long hours that I put in to finish up this cake, I felt truly gratified for being given the opportunity to stretch my limit and capability and I felt truly satisfied because the castle cake turned out better than I expected and was a hit with the birthday girl.

Hannah Montana

My customers never cease to amaze me with their creativity in coming up with ideas for their children's birthday cake.

I couldn't draw Hannah Montana's face seeing that it was a 3D but I drew the two best things that complement Hannah, her guitar and her microphone.

Thank you very much Regini for your ideas. I truly hope that your daughter, Reena liked her birthday cake.

Realizing a Dream

My toughest challenge to date - this Barbie cake. My regular customer, Farah gave me a Barbie doll and begged me to do a Barbie cake for her. I went berserk at first thinking the amount of work and ingenuity required to do this cake but I dived in head first all the same seeing that I am sucker for challenges. Yeap, throw them at me, straight or curved, I'll do my ultimate best to catch it irregardless how I do it - terbalik ke, tertonggeng ke, I'll give my 150% best effort.

This is one heavy and hefty cake. I had to bake four butter cakes to make it high enough to reach Barbie's waist. Baking the cakes itself required three hours of work. The decoration part? Four hours straight!! I referred to countless of Barbie pictures trying to get one that satisfied my vision of a sweet and simple design.

At last, I came up with this. What you see here is my own design, inspired by countless of Barbie's ball gown. Under the pink fondant is a mountain of a butter cake layered with apple jam and vanilla buttercream.

This Barbie cake weighs in at 4 kg. The price? Please email or call me for a consult and I'll quote you a price based from the consultation.

Thank you very much Farah for giving me this opportunity and thus proving to myself that I can finally do a Barbie cake. I sincerely hope you have realized your dream and I know I've realized mine.

Going Swirly

This is another design that has got a stream of fans. It started with an order from MummyChomel and now it has a cult following. I for one, am not complaining because I love doing swirls. They're so simple but yet look so sweet.

Chocolate moist cupcake with dark chocolate ganache swirl. I love the lethal combination of these two.

Butter vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream swirl. You should just smell the aroma when it is baking! Just heavenly!!

Ordered by my favorite but very demanding customer, JJay. Jangan marah aaa... nanti kena jual hehehhe...

When Optimus Prime, Mickey and Minnie Collide

This is the end product when I combined these characters together for a brother and sister's birthday cake.

I truly hope both of the kids like their cake.

ps: I seriously need to improve on my writing-on-the-cake technique. Now I've realized how senget it is. Sheshhhh

Heart-y Engagement

My neighbor kindly ordered this cake for her cousin's engagement do. This is a repeat design from a previous one that I did for Aje. What started as a winged-it design turned out to be a favorite.

From Australia With Love

A special request from Syila all the way from Australia as a surprise for her friend's birthday located in Shah Alam.

I have to admit that I am not the best of decorators when it comes to decorating cupcakes more so if it's for a guy. My brain get clogged up after decorating the 2nd cupcake. I just can't imagine those who are in the business of decorating to the hundreds. I really salute you guys! Sakit badan woo, tangan pun cramp, idea pun kena datang like mencurah-curah. I think for now, I'll just specialize in cakes je la, thank you very much.

Thank God for Peggy Porschen's brilliant ideas which really inspired me. I sincerely hope that the decorations went well with the birthday guy.

The special surprise delivery came with 6 big, beautiful and colorful helium balloons. Sighhh... it sure is nice to get this surprise, right?! Unfortunately the intended birthday guy wasn't in his office to receive this surprise (had a meeting elsewhere), so I left it with his colleagues and made the birthday boy promise to come back to his office to get his surprise delivery.

Well Syila, thank you very much for your kind order. It was my pleasure to do this for you. I sincerely hope that the moon and stars will shine on both of you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

In Random Order

Dear all,

I'm terribly sorry for not updating this baking blog of mine. Too many things happen in such a short time plus I was away in Tokyo for 8 days. But, excuses schemexcuses la kan. Forgive me.

However, do feast your eyes on some of the cakes that I've done for the past 2.5 months. Enjoy!!...

An engagement cake ordered by Raff for her brother. Inside is a butter cake layered with blueberry filling. I was merely following orders on the color - a cream and gold theme. Alhamdulillah, it turned out well.

Double celebration cake custom-made for Yatie's children. Tina loves PowerPuff Girls while Syahmi is nuts about Spiderman but Mama only wants one cake hence the combined cartoon character on one cake. As long as the kids are happy, then I'm happy.

A half and a half - JJay couldn't make up her mind on which topping to choose because she equally loves both. So I suggested her to go for both hence the above.

My first attempt of using an edible icing image with Barbie. Beautiful kan?! Also ordered by JJay for her daughter.

1 kg Blueberry Cheesecake.

1 kg Strawberry Cheesecake.

Looks like Mickey is swimming in the sea. Oh well...

I'm rather proud of the outcome of this Minnie. Very cute and girly.

I seriously need to improve on drawing or at least get help in drawing Cinderella's face. Nampak cacat je. Luckily Nayli didn't scream her lungs out upon seeing her cake.

Nayli and Aish with their Robin (Teen Titans) and Cinderella cake. Can't wait!