Thursday, November 5, 2009

Garden at No. 2

I have always loved a challenge. Give it to me and I'll dive into it head-on. So, when Farah, one of my many favorite customers called and asked me to do a number two cake for her son, I immediately said "Yes!". She left it all to me to come up with the design of the cake.

I grilled her on her son's favorite things, colors, habit and if he has any particular cartoon characters that he's fond off. Farah told me that her son absolutely loves playing ball, has no particular inclination towards any cartoon characters and loves all colors. Based on that piece of information, I started drawing up a sketch.

From the sketch, I came up with this...

Since Ibrahim LOVES balls, I surrounded the number two cake with miniature balls which I rolled from contrasting colors of fondant. I wanted to run away from the traditional notion of 'blue is for boy and pink is for girl' and went for green instead. I personally think green is a fresh color and it suits well with my theme.

With green as the cake backdrop, I started to work my way around the cake with a garden theme in mind. I used colorful oval dots representing flowers and had two very cute, adorable and colorful caterpillars to finish off the cake. That's it. I strongly believe that less is more, so I didn't want to crowd the cake with too many unnecessary things.

Alhamdulillah, Farah and her husband, Imran, loved the cake. Their son, Ibrahim, had a great time playing with the fondant balls (which were plentiful) and their guests polished up the cake till the very last crumb :)

Thank you very much Farah for giving me the opportunity to expand my creativity and test my decorating skill.

Catching Up Till November

Please forgive me for my long absence. I've been bogged down with cake orders, ILIs (influenza like illness), exams (not mine but my son's) and 1001 other reasons that I can think of. But, excuses schexcuses doesn't work well with customers, don't they?

Happy viewing...